7 Lakes for Fishing

Westwood Lakes has some of the best stoked, mature, and well thought out fishing lakes in the country. As well as pleasure fishing we also hold Open Matches and Festival Matches.

There are now 7 lakes

All our lakes are carefully maintained to provide the perfect environment for fish. As well as landscaped banks with reeds and cover the lake beds are sculpted to provide various depths for fish to exist in as close to their natural habitat as possible.
The lakes are aerated by the paddle steamer type aerators and water levels and quality are monitored closely.

We have chosen to allow many types of bait to be used in our lakes: pellet maggot, paste, luncheon meat, sweet corn, worm, caster and prawns and many more.

Kingfisher Lake
An old established lake and has two islands and 22 pegs. The ideal pleasure lake, peaceful and tranquil surroundings. Carp to 25lb, Barbel to 10lb, Tench to 8lb, Bream to 8lb.

Skylark Lake
Comprising 42 pegs spread 12 metres apart and 13 metres wide with an inner shelf and outer shelf 24 inch deep, 1 metre wide and a centre depth of 6ft. Carp to 12lb, Barbel to 3lb,
Skimmers to 1 lb, Bream to 61b, Tench to 61b and Roach, Ide, Crucians, F1’s to 3lb.

Kestrel Lake
The Kestrel lake comprises of 30 pegs and four islands. The most popular lake on the site for pleasure anglers all hoping to catch one of those famous Barbel. Carp to l5lb, Barbel to
12lb, Bream to 6lb, Ide, Crucians and F1’s,

Hawk Lake
Hawk lake is an unusual lake in that you fish from the island. Comprising 20 pegs. Average size is 1 to 4lb and ideal for matches and pleasure fishing. Carp, Barbel, Tench, Roach,
Skimmer all up to 3lb, Ide, F1’s and Crucians. All stocked for a great mixed bag.

Osprey Lake
Osprey lake is a 25 peg strip lake ideal for club matches. It is 13 meters across and 250 meters long. There is a shallow 2ft deep shelf either side and down the track gets to about 3.5 – 5ft. It is heavily stocked with F1 Carp, Mirrors and common Carp between 1lb and 3lb, and a few Tench as well.

Falcon Lake
Horseshoe shaped snake lake with 52 pegs evenly spaced around the bank. It currently contains large stocks of F1, mirrors and Barbel which feed all year round, regardless of
temperature. The ideal open match and club match lake.

Swallow Lake
Swallow lake is the specimen lake on the complex. With various shelves, islands and many more features for the fish and anglers. Stocked with double figure carp up to 25lbs
as well as quality Roach, Perch and Skimmers for fantastic winter silverfish sport.